by The Shattered Grey

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released March 7, 2013



all rights reserved


The Shattered Grey Los Angeles, California

On nights like these
I chew upon
The thread of life
Until it's almost gone
Sweetest Nectar
laced with pain
I stay until
it's almost drained

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Track Name: Falling
I have emptied
Of its contents
Turned it upside down
Searched every corner
Subjected it to every test
There is nothing left
Within it
To find
Except you
Track Name: Count The Time
One two and three
Will you come back to me
two three and four
Now everybody knows what I'm
looking for

This is how I count the time.
Track Name: Purgatorio
Do you still
dream our dream
Do you still
Sing our songs.

I still dream of you,
beneath the tree,
lying there,
singing out to me

When will I start to dream
dream a new dream
When will I start to sing
for me
Track Name: Aloud
You are the only one
That still is in my heart
You are the reason why
It has come apart.

Say it say it say it
Don't say it
Say it say it say it
Track Name: Missing Pieces
Why am I still in pieces,
Why am I still afraid
What will I find in darkness
How long will I venture there.

Can you name the missing pieces
Do you know where they go
Can you see into darkness,
will you know, when you're home.
Track Name: Long Way Down
Do you notice
It's a long way down
from here
Did we have to take the
wrong way round
I fear

Everybody seems to know
What went wrong with us
Everybody but me
Everybody seems to know
that the song is just a song
I just couldn't see

It's a long way down
We took the wrong way round
Track Name: How We Love
Everybody plays for keeps

This is how we live
This how we love
This is how we give in
This is how we rise above

But I won't give in without a fight
Track Name: Light
I did not ask the darkness to come
But when it arrived it was complete
And total
All my senses were dumb
And there were hard edges
And damage that came from clumsiness
For I had always prided myself
In my vision
And my ability to see the treetops
On distant ridges
On clear days
But this was night time
And tho I moaned
And tho I called out
In ineffable darkness
No light arrived
And the echoes of
Other lost souls did not help
So I trudged on
Despite wounded knees
And torn elbows
I moved forward
Trusting footsteps
Whose groundings
Were acts of faith
And slowly I learned
To walk
And in time the light came
Though I did not ask for it
To come
I knew inside I always wanted
It’s clarity, it’s return
But my dumb eyes
Had become accustomed to darkness
My heavy feet accustomed
To plying on insensibly
And so the brightness blinded me
And so my footsteps failed to sound
But I knew I had to continue on
And learn to be again,
In the light
Track Name: Oscillatory Stories
There is only one
Movement that we can make
As we spin round and round
looking for each other

There is only one
Breath that I can take
As I wait for you
Breathing in

There is only one
thought that I can break
thinking of you

Round and Round
and around and around
and around and around
we go
Track Name: Square One
I have returned to
the starting place,
the trailhead
with only the unending
blue at my side.
My heart unfurls
like a fist being loosened
-this is not the place
where I began last time.
But it is always here for me
this point
always ready to take me
on a journey
no matter how I’ve changed
no matter how time passes.

I can always begin again.

Square One.
Track Name: Slow Whispers
I am full
of slow whispers
Echoing against my skin
And down my legs
the murmur like a stream
In my ears
just behind my eyes
They make them blurry
and each time
I turn my ears inward
and strain to hear
what they say
but I only hear the sound
full of joy
I only hear the sound
of your voice
Track Name: Reach Out
Lost now
Found out
Free now

I only wanted
to be with you
I only wanted
to be true

If you want to try
come with me
take my hand
and we can be
so free now

you just have to reach out