by The Shattered Grey

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released April 1, 2014

ll tracks written and performed by Erik Rodgers,
additional vocal artist on Tracks 1 and 12 by Holly Nelson (of A Million Tiny Architects)



all rights reserved


The Shattered Grey Los Angeles, California

On nights like these
I chew upon
The thread of life
Until it's almost gone
Sweetest Nectar
laced with pain
I stay until
it's almost drained

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Track Name: Wait for Me
This is the last dance
But don't say goodbye
This is the last dance
Until the next time

There is something left outside
of the moonlight tonight
the air wraps around your neck
and it holds you tight

Wait for me, and I will come again
We will dance one more time
Before the end...
Track Name: Hypnotize
How do we find
The secrets that we hide
From ourselves

Do we Hypnotize
Look in to our eyes
Tell each other lies
To keep us going

Do we Hypnotize
Tell each other lies
Look into my eyes
and I'll tell you

where we're going.
Track Name: Halo
I'm not looking for a Halo
I'm not looking for something new
I'm not looking for a Halo
I'm just looking
at you

Do you wanna dance?
Track Name: Undone Again
There is a loose thread today
Hanging from the ragged edge
Of my mind
It's brushing my finger
Begging me to come

What my mind unravels
Is put together again
By the sound of your voice
The loose spool of attention
Unfurls and soon
An unbroken line
stretches between
me and you.

Let the world have
It's worldly things
We are the ancients
Our voices our Prayers

I have come
Track Name: Designs
Tell Me what designs
Are written in the stars
Tell me that you love me
And we will never part

I see you coming
I see you burning bright
I see you open up
And welcome in
The night sky

We both trace the moon
We both count the stars
Reflected in our skin
And taking in our scars

Will you come to me
Will you let me in
Will you keep me warm
Will you let me win
This time.
Track Name: Dark Moon
The moon was bright
At the water's edge
But the night was black
And I could not see you there
To try and hold you back.

What were you waiting for
What were you looking for
What did you hope to find
What were you looking for
What were you waiting for
Don't you know she left us

You were dark at the water's edge
Just like the night
I could not reach you there
You didn't try
To fight.
Track Name: The Fall
We went to heaven
It felt more like hell
You couldn't help but fall
I reached out
and gave you my wings
They didn't help at all
I tried to give you
You could only fall

It's my time now.
Track Name: Alien
You came into my room last night
You seem lost and confused
I tried to show you the way of things
You simply refused

Where are you going now
Where are you going next
Were will you find the light
Will you find your way
Or will you get lost in the night.

I wish you the best
little alien
Earth can be so hard.
Track Name: New World
Hello Brave New World,
I'm coming for you....
Track Name: Ritual
These are your secrets
And this is your path
These are your treasures
Follow them at last.

This is the way
Come on.
Track Name: Untitled
Something In my heart
Has begun to grow
Something in my heart
And I don't need a name for it.

Oh my dark angel
Come walk with me
Oh my dark angel
Give up your wings...