someplace not here, sometime not now

by The Shattered Grey

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released 27 June 2014



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The Shattered Grey Los Angeles, California

On nights like these
I chew upon
The thread of life
Until it's almost gone
Sweetest Nectar
laced with pain
I stay until
it's almost drained

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Track Name: Sing
Sing to me these words
Sing to me this song
Track Name: Some Great
You said stay awake awhile
for me
You wanted someone to watch
you dream
(you said)

why am I here what does this mean
is it a mistake, just a dream
will you or won't you come with me
what awaits us some great

Stay with me tonight...

Why am I here
What does this mean
Why am I the only one
that ever has this dream
Track Name: Hieroglyphs
She wrote upon her skin
Her secret desires
In hieroglyphs
She wrote upon her skin
Her secret desires in

But by her eyes
I could soon see
that few if any
had heard her plea
so she bid me
follow her home
so she could undress
and let me read
Track Name: Pas De Deux (w/Ice Fox)
Everybody knows
All about your past
they see it in the whites
of your eyes

And everybody knows
that you're not made to last
you're just waiting for
the sun to rise

you still think you've got
a story to keep, well baby
I've got news for you
Come a little closer
I see your wrists are
looking weak
I'll take it all for you

Let your body sway
Let your mind relax
let the fever in
there ain't no going back

We can dance a secret language
we can speak in twisted tongues
we can dance a secret pas de deux
I'll be as close to you
as your heart
Track Name: Underneath
look my darling
at the ocean
look my darling
at the sea

wait for me
in the harbor
one jump will
set us free

Hear the tide
call your name
Hear the ocean
start to sing
Hear the whispers
of the angels
Calling to you
from underneath.
Track Name: The Hours
Has this reached you?

These words this breath
my thoughts which comb
the sound, like fingers
leave deep furrows, I
can not wash away
the tide, does not rise
that high, the sea
does not come to claim
me, the sea
does not come to claim

We ran the hours
We ran the days
We took in everything
and gave it all way

What do you not
let go of
Make it a sacrifice
and pray for love
What do you think
is in your hands
when the lights start changing
water turns to sand...
Track Name: Breeze
A hint of a small
And your lonely eyes
Everything seems better
When you look
my way

Come talk to me

I am going down
Won't you come with me
We can float on
The ocean breeze

We will be free
Track Name: Running
Out by the ocean
Running fast along the shore
Tailwind pushing us
There was no mystery
We knew what life
was for.

Running around in circles
Running free
Everything about tomorrow
Was everything meant to be

And we would never go home again
And we would never stop running
Track Name: The Water's Edge
When are you going to
the water's edge
When are you going to
Dive in

What will you not
Let go of
Make it a sacrifice
and pray for love
What do you think
is in your hand
When the light starts changing
water turns to sand.
Track Name: Tonight
I watch the moon
Luminescent and low
as it dips over
the soft ocean
and extinguishes
in the ceaseless night,
always I wonder

Is this enough?
Is this enough?
Is this enough?
Is this enough?

Tell me everything
is as it should be
Tell me we will be
together, tonight
Track Name: Drifting
She has fallen asleep again
All alone beneath the big sky
She is waiting for the moon to rise
So that she can dream

A thousand miles of road
A million stars that shine
so bright
her breath is cold and the
pane fogs
waiting for the moon to rise

waiting for the moon
waiting for the rise
waiting for the dream
away again

She has fallen asleep again
don't wake her up, don't wake her up
She has fallen asleep again
leave everything as it was